Claudia Ma

About Claudia

In her twenties, Claudia Ma had been a promising executive in the hotel business, but she aspired to greater expression of her aesthetic perspective.

A friend encouraged Claudia to interview for a marketing position with renowned Italian jewellery house Gianmaria Buccellati. That serendipitous conversation marked the beginning of her career in the jewellery business.

In 2000, Claudia Ma opened her own jewelry atelier based on two simple concepts: a love for modern fine jewellery and a commitment to quality. With these concepts, and her artistic eye, she became known for her exquisite custom design work. 

The strength of Claudia’s work is her ability to create modern interpretations of classic themes that are feminine and wearable. Reflecting this are her five hallmark collections, for which Claudia continues to add new designs.

Recognized for her fashionable flair and meticulous craftsmanship, Claudia has also been asked to create Signature

Design in collaboration with:
–  Design for DTC “Forever Mark” diamond trend book 2007
–  Sterling Silver collection for “Shanghai Tang” fall/winter/spring collection 2007-2008
– Design and manufacturing for a world famous jewellery designer and jewelry brand (2008-present)

Between 2003-2016, “Claudia & Co” fine jewelry has also been exclusively showcased at Lane Crawford Hong Kong.